Here were the Acts and Resolves of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, the Laws and Resolves of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Public Documents of various orders and descriptions. There a dredge is opening a channel towards another and greater freezing plant, and saves these waters from utter quietude. The compelling condition of concentration at Woods Hole is its harborage. In a few minutes he finds himself in ancient Sandwich, and what he thinks of that old town will hinge upon the mode of his going. The town borders both bay and ocean, but the village is more secluded from the ocean than any of its sister communities on the Cape. Growth is strong and luxuriant in Orleans where it is quite possible to gather ten barrels of apples from a single tree and whose elms would look well if they were in Andover or Deerfield. It is old water for the American navy, though gossip says war ships have declined to anchor there because the town authorities would not let the Jackies come ashore for Sunday base-ball. The Indian chief, whose name is variously spelled, and may be something like lyanough, comes out in two village names of the town of Barnstable as Wianno and Hyannis. 2. a style of cottage developed mainly on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the 18th and early 19th centuries, typically a rectangular one or one… …   Universalium, Cape Cod — Sp Ménkių kyšulỹs Ap Cape Cod Sp Kep Kòdas Ap Cape Cod L JAV (Masačusetsas) …   Pasaulio vietovardžiai. Larger than the parent village is Hyannis, on the south shore, the permanent population being not far below two thousand. New England has enough centers of industry and it is worth while, if it may be so, to leave Plymouth as a goal of pilgrimage, a shrine at which Americans may breathe afresh the bracing air of the ancient courage and simple life of the fathers. Dennis recalls the Reverend Josiah Dennis, for thirty-seven years minister; and Brewster carries down the name of Elder William Brewster of Scrooby, Leyden and Plymouth. Yes, and friendly as in all Old Colony towns. There is a fishing plant on Stage Harbor and one is rather glad to find the good old signs of sailmaker and some boat repair shops. For the next three weeks, the party explored the area they named "Cape Cod," built a fort, traded with local Native Americans, and recorded glowing accounts of the land's abundant natural resources. If resources failed, he could call a water great, or long, or round when it was none of these, or fall back upon Lawrence, or Jenkins, Hinckley, Wakeby, Lewis or Shiverick. Wampanoags, or the People of the First Light, are an Algonquin tribe located in Southeastern Massachusetts. English. For instance, “Woods Hole” is a village in the Town of Falmouth. They switched it to “Shelburne Island” until 1755, when its contemporary name, if a bit fudged, became canon. According to Freeman, Grand Island was once Oyster Island and the settlement was Oyster Island village. Perhaps the artist colony is unique, or at least a part of it. Native People of Southern New England, by Kathleen Bragdon (University of Oklahoma Press, 1996). At the railroad end of Sandwich, round brick smokestacks of huge size rise over the ancient glass factory. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It remained that way for 125 years, until the "Precinct of Cape Cod" was incorporated as the Town of Provincetown. The morainic ridge from Manomet south past B Bournedale rises commandingly on the horizon. In front of Barnstable is the harbor, heading for miles of tidal channels among the interminable acres of the Great Marshes. Three towns do honor, in their names, to early settlers. Source(s): You go down a little hill, three minutes, and you are on Barnstable’s main—we might al-most say only—street. Falmouth, however, did not escape the ocean but is like every other Cape town in its history.

Thus Sandwich grew by a small stream, whose water invited the herring and turned the first millwheel on Cape Cod. Eesti. The village of Orleans was around the head of Town Cove. We go by easy reaches from Sagamore to Sandwich and West Barnstable and then there is an almost continuous village from Barnstable through Yarmouth Port, Yarmouth and Dennis to Brewster. Cape Cod’s culture and lifestyle, enhanced by the area’s scenic wonders, is obvious to anyone who visits. Cape Cod — Blick aus dem All auf Cape Cod Gewässer 1 Buzzards Bay, Nantucket Sound Gewässer 2 …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Cape Cod — Cape′ Cod′ n. 1) geg a sandy peninsula in SE Massachusetts between Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic Ocean: resort towns 2) archit.

Not very far north of Orleans, Thoreau struck out on the bare beaches of Eastham and began his tale of wave and wind-born sand, and of wave and wind-beaten people, which left unsaid and unimagined the forests, the fields, the homes, and the life of the upper Cape. slovenščina. If we make exception of Woods Hole, Provincetown has the only harbor on the Cape that keeps much significance as a haven. Cape Cod is often referred to as "the Cape." One might see men and women, more of the latter, of all ages, with canvases of all sizes, seated in all kinds of places, in and out of the town, on the shore and lost in the dunes, or marching with apron and palette up the street, in alley ways, back of homes, by every clump of hollyhocks, al-ways at their task or on the way. “Nantucket” is a rough interpretation of the Algonquin term for “Faraway Land” – 3,000 Wampanoags lived on the island when it was taken by the English in 1659. They were led by the explorer Bartholomew Gosnold, who has since come to be known as the "Columbus of New England. "They spoke divers Christian words, and seemed to understand much more than we." Here, in the middle hour of a summer morning, solid lines of motor cars await the opening of the post-office windows. There is the slender steeple of the Congregational church, rising against the forest slopes of the northern face of the moraine, with Bourne Hill at the left, showing its flat-arched curve on the horizon. Spirit of the New England Tribes: Indian History and Folklore, 1620-1984, by William Simmons (University Press of New England, 1986). The west end was the reply. Old Colony life planted itself on the sea-border and there it has remained. United States. The locals are the hard working, lower/middle classes, who send their kids to a local Cape school. Motor cars are standing in front, some of them occupied by men having resignation on their faces. On this day in 1602, the English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold dropped anchor off the Massachusetts coast. Eponyms, nicknames, and geographical games. Program of the "Gosnold 400 Quadricentennial, 1602-2002.". Plymouth has its example, likewise Falmouth, drawing its water supply from the lake that stretches its waters and its bordering slopes far back into the great Falmouth moraine.

Store. With all suitableness therefore, the map of New England is sprinkled everywhere with English names. A sagamore in Native American terms was secondary to a sachem, or high leader. There is no failing to know it when you are in the business center, the shops crowd together and are spacious and modern, albeit of one story, and, let it be added, the only bank in Falmouth village is in a one-story bungalow addition to an old dwelling. People go on the Cape searching for types, and here they may find them—but not of the supposed grammar-smashing, close-fisted, and profane old Cape Codder, dwelling in a low, shingled cottage, in rooms that are never opened to the ocean and air and are innocent of all furniture that is less than a hundred years old. Some of the more weathered slabs—being mounted in a horizontal position, they have weathered rapidly—have been recently topped with newly inscribed stones, put there by loyal descendants to keep legible the record of their fathers. had a long description of Horwitz's visit to Cuttyhunk. I on no account incredibly like Cape cod I grew up on long island and did a week or 2 on the Jersey shore I nevertheless bypass to the Jersey shore My brother have a summer season domicile on the cape… a style of house developed mainly on Cape Cod, typically a rectangular one or one and a half story cottage with a… …   From formal English to slang, Cape Cod — (spr. At the railway station one is at the foot of the morainic hills and on the western edge of the plain. This is a Wampanoag term for “lookout place,” but could also derive from Algonquian munumuhkemoo, meaning “there is a rushing of great water.” Early explorers gave the area area names like “Cape Batturier,” or “the Cape where rocks are near the surface,” and Cape Malabar, or bad bar. Gosnold's party were not the first Europeans these Indians had seen; they had already had contact with fishermen, traders, and explorers from the "Old World. Almost every street in Chatham is solidly paved, and the old corner town of the Cape is the natural goal of the traveler coming up the Cape from Provincetown, or skirting the south shore from Woods Hole and Falmouth. The English were impressed with the copper adornments worn by the Indians; the Natives were fascinated with the metal knives the Europeans gave them in trade. Latviešu. Throughout Gosnold's five-week stay in New England, the Native People were welcoming, helpful, and appeared interested in trading with and learning about the newcomers. See the long curve from the boat’s deck as you come or go, pass in and out among the winding and narrow streets, or ascend the monument by its easy inclined ways and sweep the horizon, the Plymouth shore, the cliffs of Truro and Wellfleet, the great fields of gray or forested dunes, the outer shore—there is no panorama quite like this, though mountain peaks may open wider vistas.