anyways, I’m building a small pc now because raven ridge processors are awesome and cheap. For example generic shooter 2 “costs” 49.99 but it’s “worth” 0. Do you even like games? Destiny 2 and God of War 3 remastered were good and fun. After that this month feels like trash. You could have also googled "do i need ps plus to play friday the 13th on ps4?"

So not quite worth a whole year of plus but he wanted to play Rocketbirds 2 so that about rounds up to the years worth of cash he paid for his plus, GOW 3 has been cheaper on PSN sale than Amazon but still not bad value for only 2 months out of the 12. Common , Nioh? 1st of all Halloween is celebrated mainly in North America, in Europe its not so popular and in the past we had different games for EU and NA. I have been with plus since launch and have around 10 games that are no longer usable., i7-5820K 3.3GHz, Asus X99-DELUXE, Corsair H110i GTX, 850 EVO 1TB, EVGA GTX 970 4GB FTW ACX2.0, Corsair 760T, EVGA 850W, Orion Spark, Proteus Core, Benq BL3200PT. Tell you whats not bad if you had both games on disc from this months plus you could sell them both and make £15ish then download the plus games and you would be quids in. They are definitely worth to try out, but the lack of diversity and innovation may put many people off. 3rd why you are not ps plus member if you think these games are so great? Awful month for PS4. Nothing short of laughable. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PS4 games given on Plus with servers cancelled.

I don’t have any voice in the industry. And then they made it mandatory for online to top it all off, lol. Put them all together and October’s PS Plus line up looks like this: These will all be available to download on PlayStation Store from 2nd October. Do you really think Sony are sat looking at the comments “oh wait, this guy’s not happy again, we really should do something to keep him happy so we can keep taking his money”, no. Oh well, still better then that garbage cryengine Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 rumour lol. Each side has their strengths and weaknesses. There are only so many genres of videogames would you pick up as much of a fuss if you got 2 puzzle games in the space of 2 months? Its too bad i have so many friends on Ps4.

Well it’s an optional service so not forced. All rights reserved. These people do not give a **** about us, they only care about the money we pay them to play with other people.

I’ve been on the verge of buying The Bridge and Rocketbirds several times since their release, and also considered 2064. Give people a choice, simple. Seriously Sony? just waiting for the mobo to arrive :D. Okay, it isn’t quite Diablo III and Nioh, but okay, I can certainly make do with Friday the 13th and 2064: ROM. But then again I suppose if they’d given us a huge line-up perhaps they were worried that announcing it and cross-play in one day would make all their customers explode with joy so perhaps they’re holding back for our own good? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. you can even sign up for amzn prime, download games, watch a movie, listen to some Katey Perry and cancel your subscription a few day later and opt to cancel immediately so they will give you back your money for the days you didn’t use. Like @stonesthrow said, even loyalty has it limits. I dont want to argue, if you get my point its ok, if you dont i dont care. If I do not want loot box style “pray and win” monthly games so why should I pay for it? This is a terrible month. Sorry TC, I think that a lot people on here assume that even a 5 year old who own a PS4 would have the basic knowledge that they have to have PS Plus to play online multiplayer in pretty much every PS4 game. You don’t have to comment at all. France celebrate halloween as do Spain,Italy,Amsterdam,Prague,Belgium,Romania,Ireland,Scotland. Everyone with half a brain could see that game was destined to be dead on arrival after it’s first trailer it was shown. Absolutely zero variation. The perfect game to cabin-up with as the nights begin to draw in, Knowledge is Power pits up to six players against one another in a race to the top of the Pyramid of Knowledge. My son’s been wanting Friday the 13th, but I don’t have very high hopes about that myself. The comment I left was on a random a subreddit or under a news article. To be honest, i think they’re doing it on purpose. Given that there were two “leaks” I wasn’t really expecting nioh, sniper 3 or diablo, but this is just depressing. Creative Director, SIE Worldwide Studios External Development, James Mattone

Friday 13th is way too similar a game to give out a couple of months after dead by daylight.

Expansion came out the same month so they hooked people by giving them “free” game and forcing them to buy the expansion because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the game fully. Most of the multiplayer games, once bought, won't cost you any more money and the games are cheaper as a rule of thumb. You can play them as long as you are subscribed. Please be kind, considerate, and constructive. Don’t forget Dead Star which shut down about 6 months after going into PS Plus. If you don’t like it – and this is for everyone – then stop paying the fee and stop buying the hardware. This is a particularly bud month for me. Lead Writer, Activision Editorial, Sid Shuman Friday the 13th is just as bad or worse as Dead by Daylight. Pretty sure this is revenge for the whole giving us cross play on Fortnite thing…. Maybe this should be thought about more carefully when selecting games for the service?

Last time I checked I paid a subscription for these “free” games.

those two comments were unrelated. And you can put those Dualshock controllers down – as a PlayLink title, Knowledge is Power needs nothing but your handy smart phone.

I was expecting a LEGO game – which we never got -, but this is far the worst month in the life of PS+. PS3 games given on Plus with servers cancelled. Never mind, cheers anyway sony. If only you offered as many RPGs and Action / Adventure games as you do Horror… ? It’s ludicrously good value, increasing with added time as a subscriber - and this October, it’s in the Halloween spirit.

“How many months in a row do I have to post a comment saying oh dear I have all the games already”, none.

Give us a fair deal, finally! Still get the online access,cloud saves and bigger discounts on bought games on the store. eventhough I’m builing for work, I’ll still be able to play all kind of games with quality settings roughly up to ps4, and thats only without a dedicated gpu. Senior Vice President, Platform Planning & Management, Naoki Yoshida Isn’t Friday the 13th pretty much dead in the water because they got hit by a lawsuit by using unlicensed stuff thus ending any further dlc? Yeah does seem a bit odd to give us a horror game in October especially so close to Halloween. Wow just when you think it can’t get any worse, what a terrible month.

Not PS4 games that’s for sure, maybe PS3. 4-5 months ago I bought both DbD and Ft13 and they ended up being given for free in these last months. You do the legwork right after you subscribe to plus troll. Here are the games joining PlayStation Plus on 2nd October: Gun Media’s Friday the 13th: The Game is a faithful adaptation of the iconic movie series, pitting up to seven fresh-faced young high-schoolers against one lone, maniac killer.

How many months in a row do I have to post a comment saying oh dear I have all the games already. A PS3 port that’s constantly on sale and a demo of a bad game were worth an entire year? But sure, shovel junk at us and we’ll keep paying. Only a little over £4 chill out. Well… The Bridge is actually a good puzzle game! I already have Friday the 13th…and an odd choice since Dead By Daylight is very similar and was on Plus recently (though F13 is better). @killwanye Why are you all over the comment section dude? I couldn’t believe the head of a games studio’s confidence in his project was that misguided and fragile that he’s willing to scour the internet for “trolls” and wanted to single out and contest the opinions of total strangers online. More info, We use cookies to personalise your experience and ads on this website and other websites. I am not into multiplayer games at all so both being MP only is a bit of a dud. GOW 3 on amazon £24.99 Destiny 2 £8.69 he wanted both the games. This is the first game you have ever attempted to play online?

like that Michael Jackson song, “all I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us”. but you need to install twitch app to download the games, just make sure to disable its automatic start up in windows task manager. But why would that bother you when you say you don’t like online games?….will wait for reply. While I think I’ll enjoy 2064 and Rocketbirds this is hands down the worst month for PS4 ever.

Lazer league got 80+% on metacritic so hardly trash. Well it had an update 18hrs ago and is being taken over by a whole new development team for future work on the game. Read my comment again. Vote with your wallet, its the only way Sony will care. Save up and get a PC is the only other option really.

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