Bosch Blaze Pro 165' Laser Distance Measure GLM165-40 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,129. If I had a question about a measurement though, I could use the zoom feature, which was surprisingly clear. I think this is a great deal for a variety of reasons. This tool can easily handle the most complex measuring jobs. The LDM is real time and doesn’t have a delay like we have seen in other LDM we have tested over the years. For me, it’s hard to find anything I don’t like about this LDM. laser tapes are much more compact now with awesome features. $67.10. Your device should be able to measure to a high degree of accuracy, preferably to 1/16th of an inch or better. Sorry to have the wrong link and bum you out. On the back of the LDM, there is a thread so you can use this with a tripod. Two new laser measures being offered by Bosch, the GLM 400 CL and the GLM 400 C. They are both bluetooth so can connect to a device to add/store measurements to images like the current 50/100 C models. While they aren’t the first surely it is one of the best for the money. This is the rechargeable model. The Leica DISTO D2 has a wealth of features that should make it an excellent choice for anyone in need of a quality laser tape measure. As a builder and site supervisor, I started banging-toolbox with the goal to make the #1 building, DIY, and tool review resource on the internet. The Bosch BLAZE Outdoor GLM400C with Viewfinder is powered by three AA batteries and includes a hand strap and pouch. They share their results here in the Bob Community. Please give a reason for sending this post. You can even take photos easily send them to other members of your team in PDF form or export them into Excel files. This makes it possible to perform precision measurements for drawing up blueprints that conform strictly to building codes and standards. The Bosch offers an 8X zoom which is a great feature. Our marketing partners don’t review, approve or endorse our editorial content. Some of the best models are extremely accurate–much more so than a standard tape measure. I have to say that for all the options and everything this can do, it’s amazing how easy it is to operate. Here you can create all the relevant topics which do not belong to our other sections. The backlit color display is as informative and useful as it is pleasant to view, and Bluetooth compatibility with the free MeasureOn app to further add to its versatility.

LDMs are a quick and easy way to take a measurement. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. bailey It matches up that range with solid durability and excellent low-light performance, it is the best laser measure for when you need to measure long distances while taking photos and sending them to your phone via the enabled Bluetooth. The app greatly expands the flexibility of the Leica line of laser tape measures, enabling the creation of photo-referenced layouts and sketches and add measurements to them.

Note: Photo files are too large to transfer.

Leica and Bosch units allow you to send measurements over to the supported app via Bluetooth. In fact, laser measuring tools could be used by most anyone who is even marginally involved in building and construction–even those that never would have thought to carry a tape measure around with them. Besides the quality of their LDM products, I love the large line they offer.

The biggest question was the camera and monitor.

I can easily see the target on the screen in red. Create a personal account on the Bosch registration page. Which brings me to my favorite LDM by Bosch, the GLM400CL. Good question. Additionally, the numbers are large and easy to read. If you don’t need to measure as fas as the 600ft DISTO D810 but you want a laser distance measure can that still has an inbuilt camera and Bluetooth the Bosch GLM400CL can measure up to 400ft while being a much cheaper option. In terms of value for money, the Bosch GLM400CL Laser Measure with a camera, and 400-Feet measuring distance is pretty hard to beat. There isn’t another option in this price range that will give you the detail, accuracy, and piece of mind this GLM400CL gives you. Laser measuring tools are better suited to the job than standard tape measures. The 5 megapixel is beautiful and I can easily see what I am looking at. Bosch GLM400CL Review Features. In terms of value for money, the Bosch GLM400CL Laser Measure with a camera, and 400-Feet measuring distance is pretty hard to beat. Also from Leica, the DISTO D810 is the best choice as far as features and functionalities are concerned. BOSCH GLM400CL Blaze Outdoor 400 ft Bluetooth Connected Laser Measure with Camera & Lithium-Ion Battery 4.5 out of 5 stars 164. Stay up to Date on Tool Reviews, Tool News and More. Architects can benefit considerably from the more advanced features and capabilities of a good laser distance measurer. Data can even be stored on a mobile device for archiving for later recall, or for sharing with potential clients. This tool features a scratch proof screen and has an accuracy of +/- 1/16″. Then they also have advanced LDM’s for the builders or tradesmen who need more freedom and more options. Hi, my name is Aaron, and welcome to Banging-Toolbox. If you get the zoom in 8X, it’s a little grainy but still clear considering the size. Check it out! Your review was great but your model is glm400c not glm400cl #1 Best laser measure with Bluetooth and camera, Glad to hear this helped you! Questions and answers for working with our Professional cordless garden tools. ... bosch glm 400c bosch glm400cl blaze 400ft. If you’re lucky enough to have good eyesight and can see a small red dot 100′ feet away, you still have to wonder if you got it right. As you could imagine, this type of capability could be quite useful and convenient, not only for builders, but for project managers, real estate developers, and architects as well. Hello all. Try that with your standard tape measure! The Bosch GLM400C and GLM400CL is a full range LDM that can take measurements up to 400′ away. This is the Bob Community of Bosch Professional.

Why would you need Bluetooth in a laser measuring device? This tool is designed to take measurements in any light condition, even bright sunlight. This ensures that you get many years of reliable service from your laser tape measure. That model that we did review is the Glm400CL. Simple solution, they added a screen. Second, it’s simple to use. It’s accurate to the best of our knowledge when posted. Related Products. Bluetooth capability allows users to transfer measurements directly to the Leica DISTO Sketch app. The best laser measures offer everything from simple measurements to more complex mathematical functions. They have something simple for a quick measurement with a single push button which is great for a realtor or homeowner. These devices make it possible to take measurements from tight corners, high ceilings, and other hard-to-reach spots, without a ladder making it safer to calculate paint for walls and ceilings. on 19.05.2018, 13:55 o’clock No grainy pictures and no questionable measurements. No more guessing. You could therefore quickly back up measurement data for future reference, or for sharing with other members of the construction team. Some displays may look fine indoors but can be very hard to read in the sunlight. I am not a huge tech geek so sometimes technology can stump me pretty easy. I know Bosch is accurate but I was still curious to really see how this tool stacks up and how well I can make a measurement and see exactly what I was measuring. Pros test the blue power tools from Bosch in tough working conditions. The downside to an LDM is while they have the ability to take long distance measurements, you never really know where the measurement was taken from. Accuracy and distance aren’t the only reasons to consider purchasing a laser measuring tool. Although your standard tape measure will continue to come in handy, having a laser measure around gives you added flexibility and increases your measuring capabilities. Bosch is one of the leaders in the LDM marketplace. Now put in bright light or overcast conditions and it’s extremely hard to see that far away. Wish I had a better answer but I checked their site and couldn’t find anything.

The best laser measuring tools come with a host of features that make window-related work easier, safer, and more efficient. Options include, the pin, the front, tripod or rear. Below are two videos so you can compare both Leica sketch up and bosch’s master measuring app for yourself. OK, so I gave it away that I love this LDM, but I still want to cover the Bosch GLM400CL review and tell you why I love this tool and why it’s worth the money. On the screen, there is a min, max, and real-time measurement. $248.56. First, this LDM is accurate. When you take a measurement, it also takes a picture. I would imagine it would be much less than the ones nowadays that are more efficient. I was wondering what the battery life was on this and how many measurements one can get out of it? The model designated cl comes with rechargeable battery and cost around $290-$300 i was kinda bummed to find out your link is for the cheaper one. These are of course the most important factors to consider when comparing laser tape measures. And with all the use you will get out of it over the years, makes it a tool that will continue to help you over the long-term. Laser tape measures provide builders with more versatility and functionality than a standard tape measure. The LDM features an easy to use control pad and has two ways to take a measurement, on the front or side of the tool. After you have pinpointed the precise spot, you simply press a button and the distance is displayed on the device’s onboard display. Everything you need to know about Bob. Bluetooth connectivity also makes for a much more efficient workflow. Using a laser measuring tool basically involves placing the device on one end of the area that you want to measure, and then pointing the laser to a specific spot at the other end. For those who think it’s a little pricey, that is the exact reason Bosch has different products in their LDM. I can still easily see what I am taking a measurement of when in 8X zoom. Products from established manufacturers can generally be relied on to provide quality performance and are usually built to the highest standards.

A good range of calculation functions is always useful. When you actually pressed the measurement button, was the red dot still where you thought it was or did it move while taking a measurement? Plus Enter to Win Future Tool Giveaways!

In 1993  Leica Geosystems, introduced the first laser distance measure, with the size and weight of a brick. With an inbuilt camera and Bluetooth, it is capable of measuring over distances of up to 660 feet! While he loves remodeling his house, his passion is spending time with his wife and two children. Not for everyone, but those who need to know exactly what they are measuring.

Although affordably-priced, for a tool with this capability it has a host of cool features that you would expect to find only in the best laser measures. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Please dont forget to follow Banging Toolbox on. You can even mark the spot that you want to measure to, as long as there is nothing in between the laser and the target area. Thanks for the feedback. So point the tool where you want to take the measurement. Known brands also tend to be better supported, and are compatible with a wider range of devices and apps. In fact, one of the models reviewed here can take measurements over a distance of 660 feet!