Best dog I have ever had. He's a handful, very vocal.

Gets along with even the smallest animals, best friends with my siblings pet mice. She is smart and attentive. He's friendly and affectionate but also protective of me. Max is only 8months old and is already a very alert and loyal dog.

Very obedient.

She can have a bunch of energy and go for hours outside but when we are inside hanging out she never gets out of hand or needy. A very stubborn dog but perfect in every other way. What resulted is a highly energetic, extremely alert and focused dog who is both intelligent and loyal.

She loves to be active but is also the BIGGEST couch potato. she is very enegeretic with wanting to be next to me as well as wanting to always learn new things. I made a terrible mistake adopting this border heeler, as it is all consuming, if you have time to work with a dog every waking minute this is the breed for you. A very good veterinary surgeon was able to pin it back together. It took no time at all to teach her how to Sit, Stay, roll over, Shake A Paw, probably within a couple of hours. The best dog I’ve ever met! Obsessed with balls and sticks!

Lots of energy, but able to shut down and curl up for cuddles. Copyright © 1999-2018 World Organization. Training in agility foundations and disc training. I love my border heeler MILLIE. He’s even won a race! I recommend treat-hider toys for when one must be left alone.

Enter your email address: 4 females border heeler puppies looking for new homes But she’s not lazy, she loves to get up and play too. "Click here to view Border Collie Dogs in Texas for adoption. Everyone is her friend including all our other animals dog, cats, rabbit. He is friendly and loves to cuddle!

Lola is such an intelligent pup! Socialized very well and has the knack to know a good dog from a not so good dog when it comes to play manners and he simply ignores them or walks away. Your IP: Franco is easily the smartest dog I've had so far. This is a hybrid whose energy levels are high as contributed from both breed parents. But not a dog to man-handle around.

We call him Hank, but it should be A-Hole. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. He is a high energy canine which has been bred to work hard and help his masters, so it would be a good idea to allow him to help you in your daily activities as much as possible. It took him 2 days to become potty trained at 10 months when I got him. He does everything with me from running in town to trail riding with the horses. Additional Comments for the Shelter/Rescue, Skip carousel of pet photos and or videos. She can be food aggressive by growling. Luna has a very high amount of activity.

She’s been friendly toward every person and dog she’s met. However, she just cannot grasp that she cannot potty in the house. VERY high energy must keep him occupied or he gets into everything and anything and tears things up. That loves to play and chase down squirrels (sometimes killing) but also loves to lay in your lap and get kisses. She tried to herd me early on, but was quick to learn not to do that to humans. Let’s the Maltese bully him. They keep the herding atmosphere alive. The Border Heeler is a hybrid which is the result of breeding a Border Collie with an Australian Cattle Dog (a.k.a. She is well behaved with my young nephew (5y/o) and will listen to commands from him. So I allow for the option of socializng but it usually doesn't last long so we separate her. Since getting him he has chewed and eaten; concrete, wood, kitty litter, dead animals(rat which happened to have eaten rat poisoning.. that was a fun Doctors visit), dry wall(no idea how but he did it right off the wall), shoes, underwear, breathing machine, baseball caps, and pretty much anything that’s in eyesight. He’s a big hugger with the people he knows and will do anything for some scratches! Having raised cattle dogs all my life, when we found Duke at our local SPCA we were smitten. I knew she was part Heeler but didn't know what else till I saw some pictures. Male doodle mix. They are great for each other. She does get a hot spot that I think might be a seasonal allergy once a year in the fall. A little couch potato. She does the same thing at our home in our yard. The Border Heeler or Blue Collie also has parents that are excellent herding dogs – the Border Collie and the Australian Cattle Dog.

More independent and less velcro-like than our cattle dog, Duke is exploratory and adventurous yet quick to return to our side when beckoned.

He loves going anywhere I go and at the dog parks, he socializes with the humans almost as much as the other dogs! Loves having a job and I think without it would find lots of trouble to get into. But, he is improving more and more each month that goes on. Chases rabbits, cats.Loves to beg for treats and lead you to their location. Energy levels are very high!Doesnt like fireworks. I learned from my vet that continent for this breed usually doesn’t go over well. I have had two cocker spaniels both lived to 13 years, and four German Shepherd dogs (all adopted from German Shepherd Rescue), every one trainable if you are willing to show love and spend the time training. After three weeks he is confident, healthy, playful, and extremely loving. She’s heavily food motivated too. Beware of her bark though, it’s high pitched and frequent...we’re working on it! She's loved everyone and thing since the beginning so socializing has been a breeze but trying to train her has been such a hassle, not because she is a slow learner, but because of the fact that she's so smart that she knows the command after a few times and then decides that she's had enough and will simply not do it. This is a hybrid whose energy levels are high as contributed from both breed parents. Got him from a farm. We love mia,11,she is definitely an escape artist, but always goes from the back yard to the front door and barks He has had a problem tearing up stuff she left alone to long! He watches everything and learns very fast. Very high energy. She is a great puppy. She loves her sister puppy and I can tell she has a herding tendency when playing. The ears can be of moderate size, broad at the base, pricked and pointed or medium-sized held erect or semi-erect with tips falling forward or outward to the side. She is very intelligent and friendly.

She has bad back legs/back already at 2 so we can't take her to the park or on walks but she's the happiest friendliest dog I've owned.

Border Heeler (Border Collie / Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler) puppies for sale and adoption near me in United States. Each Border Collie has a loving foster home who will be most happy to help with your questions. Individuals & rescue groups can post animals free." The Australian Cattle Dog can be traced back to the early 1800’s in Australia when the ranchers and farmers were using a variety of collie-type breeds to manage their herds. 6.7K likes.

Blue Heeler Border Collie mix breeders and rescues. I always wanted one and now I got one and it is super nice and extremely exciting to watch them grow up and play.

Both parent breeds have strong, sturdy and compact bodies which are slightly longer than they are tall and both are of approximately the same height and weight. Mia sleeps with my husband under her blanket.

I can't seem to deter him from biting other dogs ankles... Stubborn but very intelligent but he can get clumsy when he's focused on play, runs into the table and stuff often. Odin is very loyal. He is being trained to be a service dog for my son with severe autism, who is a runner and has no sense of danger, Cool calm collected dog that is easily trainable. The mornings then we go to the dog park towards the end of the day. Hope to faind another in the future. I love my border heeler! Maybe it's just him, but I would NEVER reccomend a Heeler. Crating her did NOT work because she associated the crate with me leaving (and may have brought up issues from her past life). She makes it very clear in very direct ways when she's unhappy. She protects my niece more than anyone else in the family. Doesn’t like to sleep at bed time. She didn't take to fetch right away, but now that she's learned it she's obsessed. Charlie is quite a bit stouter then the other pups I've seen on here weighing in at just over 60 pounds. kettle died on 10/26/20, the love of my life.

Extremely intelligent and sensitive... been aggressive towards some dogs that she doesn’t know at the dog park ... which I’m looking into ... never aggressive towards humans. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. This dog loves order, in her house and her yard. It’s the coolest thing ever and really cute. I’m about to graduate college and always active and she fits my life style perfectly. Your Border Heeler’s tail could be low set and have a slight curl. Likes to jump and and play bite, not is non-aggressive. All he wants to do is harass my cats and bite my sweet Pit Bull's back legs.

Stay up to date. He really doesn’t like to be left alone, would follow me anywhere if he could. Other than that Border Heelers are just amazing, active, intelligent, affectionate, and caring dogs. He could be in a moderate to considerable range of mouthiness (nips when playing) with a moderate hunting drive and tendency to wander. All in all she’s a very sweet, loyal, goof ball and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Very loving and is very intelligent. Our border heeler is the most sweetest loving dog we have ever owned and he is very obedient. Getting her to “ play bite” or bite gently has been hard along with her hard scratches, just when she’s trying to get your attention digs right in with her strong claws. He’s also an excellent guard dog with good hearing and only barking when there is a real reason to bark. She is a super affectionate dog.

She's not big on small children. Their popularity in canine sports is rising, so it’s perfect active owners who enjoy having their dog compete. He is extremely intelligent. Took her roughly 2-3 weeks of fetch training for her to become proficient at it. He’s very eager to please and loves romping around with other dogs.

♥ ۬ We are learning as we go.

Later, when the Vikings came to pillage, they, too, brought their own herding dogs.

The only downside is he got the unfortunate Gene from the Border Collie side. She’s had no major health issues (outside of what a typical pound puppy has). Adopted Abby just shy of 1 year old. I love herding breeds. She house trained very quickly and has always been very affectionate with my boys. It was like she was waiting for someone to come back.

I’ve tried combating the excessive nipping with a spray bottle of diluted vinegar and it has worked pretty well. Very loving girl, wouldn’t intentionally hurt a fly. URGENT: This animal could be euthanized if not adopted soon.