Some countries prefer to use “Sailing Vessel”. Save it to your computer and change it around to suit your own personal requirements.

So, here’s my outline for estimating your annual operating costs and some tips on how to save money in a few areas. How To . Cost to Build Worksheet-Edmundson – PDF Version. I want access to all the exclusive Patreon benefits including all financial documents and their future upgrades. This is based on my experience of local expenses found in the northeast U.S.  Below is a list of potential expenses that you can use to manage your budget: Download our free Boat Budget Spreadsheet to use for your annual boat budget. (Fortunately my grandsons will be here tomorrow.) Print off the boat shape and draw in the location of all your safety gear on board. I signed up via Patreon, but still can't access the Dashboard. This canvas gets torn and mildewed and needs to be maintained properly. Becoming a Sailing Soulianis Patron is a wicked cool thing to do. Yamaha 275 SD Boat Test. Anyway feel free to just delete that entire line and simply add in your boat name or whatever title you like. Thanks again. I expect to import them as well as print hard copies. Boat of the Year Finalists for 2020. I have seen some really good spreadsheets with lines that turn red when things become overdue, but I haven’t got that sophisticated on this one. This spreadsheet isn’t quite finished yet, I need to add some more about power coming IN to the boat. You can also do an electrical plan, a plumbing plan etc. With regard to insurance, you may be tempted to forgo this expense, but be aware that insurance is usually required by boatyards. Let me know what you think or if you have any other template ideas I can also add to this one. Why can't I edit some of the cells in the spreadsheet? A handy template to store all your personal details, passport numbers, drivers license numbers, bank accounts, contact details and all that kind of thing. Help!

Great job! If you use another spreadsheet program that will read an .xlsx file, this should also work, but no guarantees. I would like a one-time download of the current version of the Boat Buying Dashboard. Obviously, the more you do yourself saves money, but also look to eliminate fees like the annual state boat registration fee by federally documenting your vessel.

If you don’t want to read all these words, simply scroll right down to the bottom and click on the blue link and voila! Glen-L marine designs has been serving the amateur boat builder since 1953 and the business resides in beautiful San Clemente, California. The calculator is a simple, self-explanatory, Excel spreadsheet and doesn't contain any macros. A boat survey (est. Will try to save as Google Sheets. By Brett Becker. Yes, the value of your boat will drop as time goes on, so it’s best to be prepared for the financial hit. ), Transportation costs (to and from the water). Upgrading your boat’s systems will become a need in the future, so plan for it now. Before we left we could not find anything about costs. Before jumping into buying a boat, make sure you consider all of the other expenses associated with owning and operating a boat - not just the monthly payment on your loan! Hope its helpful! Hi Jennifer. The calculator is a simple, self-explanatory, Excel spreadsheet and doesn't contain any macros.

By the way, we have a section of our website where we post builder feedback on Cost & Time to build and it’s listed by the design name: Cost and Time to Build. Mailing Address:232 Avenida Fabricante #105San Clemente, CA 92672. Change ). Boats. This template contains important information for you to leave with someone you trust, with a step by step guide of what they should do and what information they need to provide to assist with your rescue.

Let me know too if you think I’ve left anything out! Absolutely fantastic work, I’m sure to use and recommend it a lot! If there are column headings included, you can exclude those or delete them after import. Visit our Boatbuilder Forum Here. With any luck you’ll also have some money coming in to your account, and you can record that on this worksheet. The first line on each spreadsheet has got a title XXX Yacht …. My name is Gayle Brantuk and I'm the daughter of Glen L. Witt and run our family business. Personally I am terrified of adding up everything I spend on my boat, but if you want to do it, then go for it, particularly if you are living on a limited income. The second level is for boats that stay in the water all season, requiring moorings and tender access, but are maintained by on a do-it-yourself basis.

The ‘Instant Gratification Mokney‘ is at the helm and I need it NOW! This can be opened in Excel or uploaded to Google Sheets (your preference). You might like to add things like pre-departure checks and packing up checks etc. Read more about budgeting your boating here. A liveaboard boat should have a fair amount of canvas to make life aboard more comfortable. A detailed list of items & systems that are necessary and/or beneficial to have onboard a cruising sailboat. NAVIGATE YOUR BOAT BUYING EXPERIENCE LIKE A PRO, View Average Sale Price for Comparable Sales, Calculate a Suggested Offer Price to Start Negotiations, See Breakdown of Estimated, Actual, and Total Cost of Upgrades, Track of details about boats you’re interested in purchasing, Track how long boats are currently sitting on the market.

Premiums are based on agreed value, age of vessel, owner’s claim history and experience, and a survey of the vessel. ( Log Out /  All super useful information to have close at hand when it comes to buying replacements. On 4/19 you wrote that you had some improvements to the spreadsheet. Ive tried to save the spreadsheet to my laptop, but it will only save the first section on Maintenance Schedule. Latest. Found the other sections while looking on my phone. It’s a pretty extensive list, and not all will apply to every build, but it sure is helpful. "No installation, no macros - just a simple spreadsheet". Calculate the monthly payment and create a payment schedule (i.e. A rule of thumb is to estimate 15 to 20 percent of the value of your boat for operating expenses. I have been searching for a resource like this and was so happy to stumble across your blog! But you can use it already to calculate what you use. Comparable sales data is the best tool for guaging fair market value. You can then copy & paste this data directly into the “Comparable Sales” tab of the document, into cell 6A. I have broken it down in to “hers and his” – as often you will have individual items of your own, just change hers & his to whatever your names are – no offense intended if you are an all girl boat or a solo sailor!, 1221 Brickell Avenue, 23rd Floor, Miami, FL 33131, USA. PS Apparently the spreadsheet doesn’t open correctly in some browsers – so if it looks strange to you, perhaps open in a different browser.