An associate of Yami's when they were part of the Gray Deer squad, Nacht was arbitrarily named vice-captain, with only Yami and Julius aware of his position. Though Licht and Lumiere thwarted the demon's attempt, Zagred manipulated the elves' souls to reincarnate five centuries later in human vessels.

Neige's other reason is his obsessive desire for friends, lashing out at Marie when she denounces kidnapping as a way of befriending others. For most of his life, he was considered by his father and stepmother as inferior to his younger brother, Langris Vaude, due to Finral not possessing offensive (Spatial) magic. Ryzen 5 2600 Integrated Graphics, Dani Briones Dad,

When she meets Asta she admits that she is also wary of the Diamond Kingdom, becoming an official deserter when she helps the Black Bulls defeat her fellow assassins, and later lives with Fanzell and Dominante to atone for her past crimes by helping others. William eventually regains his body when Asta exorcizes Patry at the elf's request so his magic can help Licht calm the other reincarnated elves and allow them to move on the afterlife, allowing him to resume his duties as a Magic Knight after Julius forgives him for his role in Patry's actions. Asta joins the Black Bull squad, which is known for its destructive and incompetent behaviours, but when Asta joins, things begin to change for the better for the ragtag squad. A rival kingdom, the Diamond Kingdom (ダイヤモンド王国, Daiyamondo Ōkoku) is a land ruled by a despotic Magic Scholar named Morris, who controls the king and conduct experiments on children like Mars to create soldiers and bolster his country's military might. Nacht (ナハト, Nahto) is the enigmatic vice-captain of the Black Bulls, who uses Shadow Magic to manipulate shadows. While initially he was facing both Luck and Magna, their battle is interrupted by Vetto, and is immediately defeated. She is initially hostile to Yami until she was forced to allow him to deal with the elf spirit possessing Charlotte and has since been tolerant of him.

Review Us. Julius served as a mentor and friend to William, even making the mask that William wears which he made special for him to conceal the scar he was born with. Mars was emotionally scarred when forced by Fana to kill her for his freedom, gaining access to her Fire Magic along with his natural Crystal magic after pages of their grimoires were ripped and transplanted into each other. He is the wielder of Game Magic, which allows him to create a dimension for playing grand games with rules set in.