basically this is just all fiction and being made up by some writers somewhere who think these stories will somehow be convincing to the general public. Was this review helpful to you? While they did say they changed names and locations I dont think they ever said they used actors. So confusing.what does archival footage even mean? Bobby Mackey himself has participated in many of them. Don’t throw in stuff like that if it isn’t the real footage. The first episode was ok, as I had seen that story before. However, as I watched episode two, I realized that the actors all told their story in exactly the same tone. Give the people who make These woods are haunted a call! It’s a shame it’s not being produced, Articles and other items of interest on ghosts and the paranormal. View production, box office, & company info, Kat Coiro to flex her directorial muscles for She-Hulk at Disney+, Top 25 Current TV Shows that I am Currently Watching (Ranked In Order). I’m so disappointed in believers. Paranormal Witness was a show that scared the bejeezus out of me and I watch a fair amount of paranormal related things and not the overly dramatic, poorly done shows but ones that involve everyday ordinary people for the investigators as well as the clients; they're the most intriguing. I don’t know why they didn’t just do the ghost story of the actual ghost in Oklahoma. Searching for hidden clues to lost-in-time legends, Into the Unknown follows adventurer and survivalist Cliff Simon as he makes his... See full summary ». I totally agree! I'm not sure I've even finished an entire episode yet. Then a message came on screen "Names and locations have been changed to protect privacy".

| This could have been amazing. Yes they all have actors but "A Haunting" at least had a great narrator and was overall more convincing than this dumpster fire. Use the HTML below. But I personally like seeing real accounts from real people. The subjects of the stories are very interesting, ( I've seen the first three episodes ) but the bogus way the storytellers are telling them, well, they are ruining my enjoyment of watching the program. I can accept a measure of dramatisation but this this is taking the biscuit! Right off the bat, I knew these were actors. All others sound fake. All you have to do is watch the actors on the show to see that their fights are completely silly and they are not even remotely realistic in any way. Opening night had 2 stories ripped off from Paranormal witness. Why is it an actor? This "archival footage" is not actual footage, is it. Cons: Awful acting by alleged paranormal witnesses. You've got to sign waivers to have your face shown on TV, and yet none of the catfish have their faces blurred out. If any truth existed to these stories they were lost in translation by the horrible acting by both the Actors portrayed in the dramatization and the "actual" person portrayed. Pete is supposed to be "Carl". Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? I wouldn't cast him in a community theater production as a tree. This is a paranormal production from the viewpoint of eyewitnesses to supernatural events. Awards Those episodes are 100% more accurate...the GA crew deeply delved into the story behind the haunting and even held a public investigation that returned a lot of very powerful evidence! I’d say that most of the shows target audience already knows the Bobby Mackey story in general... but anyone who doesn’t would be far better informed if they’d watch the story as told by the My Ghost Story program or the several episodes of Ghost Adventures that covered it as well! External Reviews Five duck decoy carvers from Alberta pursue their dreams of winning the illustrious (their words) Northern Alberta Carving Cup. Paranormal Witness was the best show that felt real and used the real people in the stories!! At the beginning of the show it says that the real people were so terrified that their identities were changed and so were the locations. A panel of experts analyze footage from some of the world's most eye-opening and terrifying paranormal videos. First time I watched incident supposedly took place in Clifton, TN. My mom just told me about this show so I checked it out. The only way this abomination is acceptable is when all new series have run out and their is not a single thing left to watch. Now at first I am confused because Bobby Mackey's has been featured in many paranormal TV shows. You're presenting overly scripted actors as real witnesses. I was watching “Paranormal Play date” and the Segment about the Camden Pub particularly raised suspicion. Title: Because they are .

Why is it so hard to actually interview the real people this stuff happens to? FAQ Everyone can tell the main subjects are actors! Believers is really terrible. When everything else in the show is fake?

Honestly he might make the perfect candidate for the Believers tv show, because he didn't believe forever and is now somewhat of a believer (though still skeptical) but I can't help but think he isn't enough of a believer for them so they used an actor to make it more convincing.