Speed 10 / 12 Basic Information It has mostly a Smokey Grey body with multiple black spots such as multiple black dots, the top of its torso, and the area around its neck, it also has multiple nails on its leg.


It gets you 600 ore than regular farming. Moistness

10 Miscellaneous

Model made by Keo Dinosaurs with a 1x GRM earn DNA Icon 25, while those with a 2x GRM receive DNA Icon 50 and 3x GRM receive DNA Icon 75 per day.

It has some stars and constellations on its body. Tradeable wow i wasted a lot of time getting it for nothing.


It is highly recommended you properly update this page to meet our wiki's standards, and to make sure we can all access the quality information we deserve when the update goes live. Miscellaneous

Moistness [Dinosaur Simulator] – Adding in Barosaurus [Dinosaur Simulator] – Adding in Barosaurus.

Animation by ???




Thank you! Galactic Barosaurus was used in Early 2018 for it's speed glitching capability that it had, this was eventually fixed soon after it was being widely used for combat. Description



The player earns DNA when they become a Juvenile and, Adult.

Elder Health 85 The Galactic Barosaurus is one of the now limited galactic skins. It has purple horns that face back. (edited by administrators) Puertasaurus Barosaurus. Speed 12 / 14

Due to its strength and huge size, the Barosaurus is one of the most targeted dinosaurs in the game with its slow movement and can easily be ranged.

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Elder 3

Diet This can give you an additional DNA Icon 200 a day for free, so it is highly suggested you do this whenever possible.

Watch Live: India prepares for their first Moon landing, Stig Vs the Hennessey VelociRaptor – Series 22 Episode 6 Behind the Scenes – Top Gear, Jumping Spider Suckles Spiderlings Like They’re a Litter of Kittens, T-REX vs TRICERATOPS [Jurassic Park: The Game | Part 3]. Speed 8 / 10 This version of Barosaurus had a large hitbox, which many players took advantage of.

The eye is surrounded by a pink spot, while an orange one is on the face. Tyrannosaurus rex or barosaurus.

Damage 21

Günde 3 saat yaşlı barosarus ile oynarsam, kaç gün 200.000 dna alırım? Statistic-wise, it is the strongest HerbivoreHerbivore and is the best non-skin dinosaur for obtaining DNA. It is one of the more, uncommon golden skins and one of the most desired golden skin second to that of the Golden Fossil Tyrannosaurus Rex. Damage ?

Damage 4 Damage It used to be extremely rare with only about 75 owners until it was re-released on Black Friday 2018. FT

Due to an upcoming update, a large majority of dinosaurs will undergo statistic changes. Do note that the player who bought the Party Box is unable to collect the DNA, meaning if the player intended to purchase it for themselves, it’s useless to them. Classification Elder

Length supernob123 and servez_2build. DNA Icon 3,000 Galactic Egg

Weight Click on Promo Codes button in the Main Menu. Barosaurus can kill it in 3 hits, like Zenova killing a Tyrannotitan in 3 hits, lol this discussion was never about the pvp, it was for who is a better farmer, zenova or baro. Juvenile

source During the 2018 Halloween Event, an obby in the second level, the Dinosaurs Rage, bore a strong resemblance to the current DNA symbol, possibly purposely. Damage ? ChickenEngineer's recolors.

There is also a Daily Login bonus giving DNA Icon 100 every 12 hours. Damage 69 10 The Galactic Barosaurus is quite small even as a Juvenile.

Copy and paste the code or type it out from this list to the text box. Speed


Do baby Baro makes more DNA than the elder one.

Health 1862 Galactic Event

Defense Adult


10 The Puertasaurus still contains the sounds of the Breviparopus. Health How much time you can get over 1,000,000 DNA with the Barosaurus?

Made by

The tail is blue, the shade gets darker to the tip, and it ends with a neon white top. Cost

The Barosaurus has the highest GRM in the game of 3, which is why its a top choice for DNA farming for terrestrial creatures while Shastasaurus is the best for underwater farming with a growth rate of 2.3 and no Oxygen bar.

1. Damage Height

Basic Information Length

Growth Rate Dinosaur Simulator Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. None

:3 prety insane right? Damage ? Dinosaur Simulator Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Adult Are there any other fast and efficient ways?


Juvenile 0.

Statistic-wise, it is the strongest HerbivoreHerbivore and is the best non-skin dinosaur for obtaining DNA. Alternatively, the player may also buy DNA from the DNA Store, although because of the high price for DNA, it is recommended to NOT purchase DNA from the store. Health 4392 60 FT



Health Defense 15 can puerta 1v1 mega or does it need to be baro to 1v1 mega, i saw 3 Galactic Barosauruses when i was using my Elder Therizinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex is weak against Barosaurus, I'm asking only bcz i wanna try if i can do a remake. Galactic Barosaurus How long does it take to log-farm for Avinychus using Baro?

The best way to farm isnt a elder bero :3, its going from baby to jvi over and over again. I know the white walker isnt much for a giveaway but theres a bigger one coming soon :D like, subscribe and hit the bell if you havent yet! FT

In real life, DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid and is the building block of all life on Earth.

Mamenchisaurus Vs Indominus Rex – Jurassic World Evolution, NEW DINOSAUR UPDATE COMING TO JAILBREAK!?!? Oxygen Defense 15 Please Subscribe!

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. | Roblox Jailbreak. Defense i want to know because imma gonna farm to get the avi, Who's the weakest dinosaur of all time on ds im thinking megalodon. The player earns DNA when they become a Juvenile and, Adult. Date Added Terrestrial Growth Rate Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


Anonymous Killer 1.5 ... Dinosaur Simulator Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It looks terrifying and intimidating as it has a huge jaw and inexorable eyes. I heard that the kaiju titanosaurus is returning. Adult

Unlike its original design, it lacks back legs. This amount of DNA is varied depending on the growth rate of the dinosaur. LBS Damage

Play as a dinosaur as you attempt to avoid disasters, predators, and starvation.

What's better for brutal ambushes? Baby Damage 183

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OK OK Instagram : Discord Server : Most music by Friedrich Habetler & NCS. Enjoy your new skin or dinosaur!

Welcome to Dinosaur Simulator. It is gray in color with small, tan spines on its back... i’m using the logging method with my baro, i read somewhere that you get more dna by growing it to juve then logging is that true? Contrary to its large size, it is an impressive climber, with high jump height. When bought, a countdown shows up on the party box which opens to make DNA rain down from the sky when the countdown gets to 0. How Did Sharks Survive 5 Mass Extinctions?


Health 1862

Click the redeem button and you should see a window that confirms what you revived.

Yes None Dinosaurs with a 1x Growth Rate Multiplier receive DNA Icon 40, while ones with 2x GRM receives 80 and so on. Diet The earliest evidence of shark scales dates […], source #Brachiosaurus #Dinosaurs Check out our Dino Store, Turns out the Maiasaura really like to travel in large herds Welcome to The Isle, a currently very early access […], source Check out our Dino Store, Primeiro vídeo da série (explicação de tudo): Sobre o Lusotitan: Discord: Nexus realismo: Meu Instagram: #DinosaurSimulator […].