I rate archers lower than BS1 & 2 here because of how squishy they are for BS3 enemies, basically staying away with bird of prey, aggro reducing titles/items and killing enemy ranged ASAP is the only way to keep them alive. #1. Drawing aggro away from archers and lighter strikers is always a good idea. I gave him the death resistance and come back from death upgrades along with the talent improving item and he was literally unkillable. May join the party if you decide to help the villagers of Reynivik (6th chapter). Board. Egil: (S) Egil’s high score stems from his insane active which is almost essential in high difficulty battles. don't bother, unless you get it for free and don't have any other items equipped. Not bad, actually. Some make them stronger, some make them tougher, some make them less noticeable, some even heal their wounds between rounds. You will only have the chance to talk with them, i.e. Great for warding off Bellower's attacks at the end of the game in particular. He has solid stats and his abilities are powerful, even if they take a turn to activate. It's pretty fun. Grab this off of Sigbjorn in the short time he joins your party, because once he leaves it's gone forever. Puncture (passive) lets you increase damage if the archer hasn't moved. Meh. The addition to movement, though? If so, let me know in the comments.

Couple this with puncture, and Oddleif is one of the few humans capable of one-shotting dredge. In the Nobleman fight Ubin is actually shown in the background, leaning against the front door. The Banner Saga is an epic role-playing Viking saga where your strategic choices directly affect your personal journey. If you remove enough stat points to see what his stat line-up would look like at level one, he is worse than ALL the human melee fighters at 24 points, where they have 26. Put him in between your archers and dredge scourge for a free pass. It includes ratings for each fated hero and their fatecore variant. Eirik stealthed and fed Petrus willpower while he spammed flail against five or so warped, shrugging off deathblows at 1 health until he brought them all down. The Singing Stone is a great addition to your sniping archers who will probably have to pump Willpower into their normal attacks to get the job done. This is great for your varl, but even greater on ranged fighters who can knock enemies out of walking range. I'm not sure if I'd bother with it if you have, say, Eyvind in your party all the time, but still.

In the second part of The Banner Saga, you will also fight against hostile Horseborn herds, including the following unit types: Banner Saga Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Finally, note that Rook/Alette and Egil/Ekkill are mutually exclusive (i.e. Effect: Knockback on Strength attacks of 3 or more, +1 Strength, Acquired: During Chapter Six, if you allow Krumr to distract the dredge independently of the rest of the caravan, Acquired: During Chapter Three, if you keep the dead merchant's things for yourself, Effect: +1 luring enemies, +1 Strength, +1 Armor, +1 Willpower, +1 Armor Break, Acquired: By collecting all of the scales at the base of godstone Marek in Chapter Four, Effect: +2 deflection of Strength damage, +1 willpower per kill, Effect: +3 Armor when resting, +2 luring enemies, +1 Strength, Acquired: Found in Chapter Four if you raid Ekkill's storehouse and take everything, Effect: Deflects 2 Strength worth of damage, +2 to luring enemies, Effect: 20% chance to dodge Strength attacks, +2 Strength. Acquired: During Chapter Six, when you visit the godstone Sigrid, you'll have the opportunity to fiddle with a puzzle box.

Similar to Eirik, she becomes possibly the most broken character in BS2. Edit: Put in Shieldbanger from the beginning of the game. Being able to outrange all of the dredge units, whilst almost always being able to make use of puncture make Nid one of the most deadly units in the game. Slag and Burn is such a powerful ability. Items are a good thing, and you'd be nuts not to take advantage of each character's item slot. This is a fantastic item if you're willing to sit back a turn. One armed varl bring good luck! I had him up to 15 with all 5 titles and he died on me. Definitely worth buying and placing on your designated Armor-pounders.

I’m just curious to see how you guys would rate the characters from the Rook/Alette and Darkness parts. Been peeking around in the asset files; turns out Valgard is a 12-12-11-3-3 when maxed out. If, during the battles that you fight in Skogr you let Aletteand Egiltake part in the fights, alongside with the rest of the party, Egil'slife will be threatened at some point. Had he been a character you can use in the following games, I would have put him at a B+.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Card: Reasoning: S1: Fused Hope Goku & Vegeta (Angel) Before Transforming - Very good unconditional start of turn buff of ATK+DEF +120% - Links decently with Super Vegito What good is a tactical RPG without items? don't have him, looks good) Tier 2: Krumr, Dytch, Sparr, Juno, Bak, Castaway. Whoever acts as your defensive shield, be it Egil or Mogr or someone else, needs this item. Shield Wall (passive) lets you increase defence when he stands close to an ally. I don't know if its completely conventional, but its usually used in tier lists to be the best section of the list.

Ubin - Has amazing stats, great passive and his reveal weakness is a much improved version of Rook's mark. Doesn't happen often enough to bother with a Sun Stone. Keeping that in mind though, the human-hating varl is useful for short times he's available, and touts the highest ARM in the game. If you get the top-tier SS-Style or S-Style characters(A Tier or S Tier), keep playing the game. Eirik - track is broken for body blocking + can summon a faen bear and regen willpower of other heroes. [Bug] I sent Krumr out against the dredge and instead of returning with Dundr's Hand, he got this shitty item. You lose out on some Renown—and Mogr's respect—but who cares, this thing is all-around awesome. This is a list of the playable (heroes) and non-playable characters (NPC) that you will encounter in The Banner Saga. The two new abilities he has access to in game 2 makes him one of the strongest human heroes in the game, but I don't remember it being particularly game-breaking, and definitely not to the same extent as Alette. (Did I miss any?

Oh, man. Matt Bird (author) from Canada on January 20, 2014: Cool. It lets you pierce an enemy with Ludin's spear and knock them back while dealing damage. Can never go wrong with some extra Willpower. He has natural synergy with Iver’s forge ahead too. Effect: +2 to movement, -1 to luring enemies. Basically the best straight up fighter in the whole game. Eh. If not, follow these rerolling steps: – Bad in small parties as it reduces effectiveness of overwatch. Android iOS (iPhone/iPad) Linux Macintosh Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 PlayStation Vita Xbox One. Hey, Willpower. If you do your math properly your attacks won't get deflected anyway, unless you're facing rare shieldbearers with Stone Wall. Battering Ram (active) isn't really useful. Having the highest base and max stats in the game solidifies Iver as the strongest hero, being able to fulfill the role of a tank, damage dealer, and armor breaker all in one. Ekkill: (S) Ekkill has the highest base stats of all the humans, and is tied with Egil for the highest max stats. Unfortunately you can also harm your allies so you won't use it as often as you'd like to.

Castaway - pretty decent ranged stats and 3 aoe damage and break is good, while eggs at least provide a distraction for enemies and steal someone's turn. Death messenger + Axe Storm + crit items & artery strike make short work of anything unfortunate to get his attention. Included are the best and strongest styles in the game, the best styles for each role, and brief information on each's characteristics, skills, and abilities.

Hogun: (C+) Thrashers can be a pain in the ass to fight against as an enemy, but they never seem that amazing when on my side. Rook - Great stats and mobility (for an archer), Mark Prey can be devastating with some setup and Pillage allows you to not suffer initiative wise for focusing down enemies 1 by 1 or using summons with Eirik and Petrus for 8 unit party.