Prices vary wildly, if you buy from an auction, you may get one cheap but you can't be sure about the condition.

unknown. Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty The water at times went across the windshield, and at one point a little fish swum by, but we never slowed down until we hit the beach. Two years of reliable service driving it everyday. Utility bed with PTO driven generator and air compressor. But that is after I also swapped the rear axle for a 12bolt with 3.73 gears. he had the pump rebuilt, added fuses instead of fuseable links and fuses near relays to keep things simple. It is rumored that while the M1009 served in combat during Desert Storm, the results were "less than desirable," and it has been supplanted by the Humvee (HMMWV) it was intended to support.

The 5.7-liter V-8 (L05) engine was improved for 1990 with the addition of improved oil control rings, a redesigned rear crankshaft seal, a new camshaft sprocket design, non-asbestos intake manifold gaskets, and heavy-duty intake valves. I am pulling about 20 miles to the gallon on the highway. Make sure it's the M1009 not the M1008. It also came as a convertible. (Not For Sale! Oy. JUST IN: 2 - M109A4 VAN TRUCKS- EXCELLENT CONDITION, LOW LOW MILEAGE, GREAT FOR CAMPER OR BUG OUT VEHICLE. For the first time, it married the off-road capabilities of the Scout with the "luxury" features like air conditioning and automatic transmissions routinely available on pickup trucks.

Choosing the Best Military Vehicles for Sale. This article details my experience with a DIY paint-on truck bed liner. Pulling horses around in a luxurious diesel truck camper unit with swiveling captain's chairs, flying helicopters and now living away from civilization and hanging out with the wild animals. Original power-train and CARC paint on the interior with some interior upgrades to make it a little more ... 6.2L Diesel

Dana 60 front axle with NP 208 Transfer case. VINTAGE MILITARY TRUCKS. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. it's listed for $8500 with somewhere around 30k miles, if anyone has info to where I can find some of the m1009 blazers for sale I would appreciate the info 310-879-7724 or email thank you.


4.56 gears front and rear, Detroit locker in the rear, track lock in the front. Towed this because of the 4:56 gears. The resistor bank of the hybrid 12/24 volt electrical system is known to degrade and either short out to ground and burn up or short internally providing 24 volts directly to the 12 volt glow plugs causing them to burn up. No a/c kinda sucks though its been 106 for the last 3 or 4 days. ORIGINAL WITH 6602 GASOLINE ENGINE.

I'm not sure I have that in the article, so now visitors have another resource to go to. M1009's didn't even come with a towing receiver capable of pulling a trailer. I had no idea that you can easily spend 30k in five years on fuel alone.

The standard L05 5.7-liter V-8 now had serpentine accessory drive belts in place of the older multi-belt accessory drive. [4], There was also a choice between a three-speed automatic transmission Turbo Hydromatic (TH350), a three-speed manual transmission, and a four-speed Synchromesh (SM465) manual transmission, often referred to as the "granny gear" due to its 6.55:1 low first gear. SAVE AM GENERAL M35A2 Call for Price. In addition to the reinforced tow hooks attached to the front and back Alexander Silvius (author) from Portland, Oregon on April 16, 2011: I've actually thought about doing something like that, is that possible?

Runs, drives, and shifts great. Philadelphia, PA (855) 332-0500 (215) 332-0500 (855) 332-0500 . I love that truck. The price they ask does not necessarily correspond to the actual reliability, condition, or driveability. The 5.7-liter V-8 also had new heavy-duty intake valves and powdered metal camshaft sprockets. I think this is a good way to get some lookers as the CUCVs aren't as easy to find as when I first wrote this article. Alexander Silvius (author) from Portland, Oregon on May 09, 2011: Whoops.

Thanks for visting and commenting and don't fall out when you're tearing down a trail with the top off! Chevy Blazer   He said he wasn't walking, and ask did I think I could make it. It expels clouds of black smoke under acceleration and it is a very loud motor both inside the cab or standing outside.

Axles. If they start surplussing them out I will be after one, dusy. Maybe the military should have stuck with Jeeps. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! M1028. And congratulations on your purchase - wish I was you.

oil conversions. AM GENERAL M35A3 CARGO TRUCKS, CATERPILLAR 3116 DIESEL, ALLISON 1545 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED CENTRAL TIRE INFLATION, SUPER SINGLE RADIAL TI... More Info, Military Trucks - M35A3- CUSTOMIZED AND BOBBED More Info. The CUCV program was so successful, some of them are still in use today; 31 years later. M1009 CUCV Chevrolet Blazers For Sale ( Click on yellow title to the right of each photo for Truck info ) #1405 1985 Chevrolet M1009 CUCV Blazer "Bickley" $4,500 #1618 1986 Chevrolet M1009 CUCV Blazer "Darrell" $6,500

M35A2 WITH PTO DRIVEN FRONT MOUNTED WINCH More Info, Military Trucks - M35A2- BOBBED SHORTENED. For a long time, a Dodge Cummins was THE diesel to get, I remember working with two brothers who had the Dodge trucks with extended cabs and the straight six Cummins diesel engines with turbo. To state "Military Rejected" based on a single anecdote, the source of which is not named, is wrong. M35A2 WITH WINCH, TURBO DIESEL - 6X6- ALL WHEEL DRIVE, GOOD TITLE, AIR SHIFT TRANSFER CASE, TIRES TO BE IMPROVED TO 75% OR BETTER, CAB HEAT AND DEFROST, GOOD CAB SOF... More Info, Military Trucks - 660. Some were rumored to have more leaves in the leaf spring packs although my 86 m1009 had the same as any civilian K5. smell nothing but french fries as you pass by. Its been my plow truck for the last 6 years since Ive had it Ive replaced the harmanic balancer main seal belts high performance aluminum radiator and hoses CDR valve Glow plug relay with a better one also upgraded starter solenoid and had a new gas tank installed new exhaust from manifold to mufflers upgraded the fuel filter and fuel heater with a stanadyne o... 1985 Chevy M1028 1-14 ton 4x4 military truck. Around 1976, a prototype K5 Blazer [9] was used as a testbed for a military CUCV vehicle built by Vic Hickey, father of the HUMVEE. Starting in 1981 used the chain-driven NP208 transfer case (NP241 after 1988) with front 10-bolt/rear 10-bolt axle combinations until 1991.

no malice to the bowtie.

Great truck, just needs tires and a drive shaft. (Don't forget the toolbox, it's still a Chevy).

Alexander Silvius (author) from Portland, Oregon on September 08, 2011: That doesn't sound too bad, especially for an older vehicle.

nicomp really from Ohio, USA on May 09, 2011: You left out the Amazon capsules. BRAKES FULLY REBUILT.

Hummm great hub Mark but is not my bug!lol I do like the vegetable oil though for gas...It looks like a good rugged vehicle..Thanks for a great informative hub.

Clean daily driver.

After all it's still a Chevvy! Mileage: 62,908 miles body and subtly imply that it would be in their best interest not to

you don't see them any more, If I were to want one I'd like the old Buick Wagon built on a tube frame and a fire breathing 454 hiding in it and when the teens pull up laughing fry the tires and split!

Clean daily driver. It's easy to see why one would want one, you can work on it and they're built for off road purposes. Although, those Jeepneys over there are pretty cool too. You're right, there's enough info to write another hub.

A military Blazer can be a great plow truck because its short wheelbase makes it maneuverable, and its 1-ton-rated engine and TH400 transmission mean it can take a lot of abuse.

I read some of the off road mags at work (at an FBO strangely enough), and it seems that Jeeps are the most popular.

I hope you are still loving your beast, I would love to see another comment about your experiences with it, and how it runs in the snow!

It was not a front line battlefield vehicle.

Are you talking about this one: ? where can i find surplus military vehicles along with the price Thanks.

after you slide in 6 pins and plugged in the power, the winch would work out the rear. -new heavy duty shocks Once on the beach we immediately got stuck in the dry soft sand. I towed my hunting jeeps with a big 1 ton diesel so 70 miles an hour over 55 could be done on the main highways and a quieter less jarring trip could be done. A few women actually like the fact that I own a wagon, I think they think it makes me more "real". Military Trucks. Truck was just tuned up, replaced glow plugs and ... 1986 Chevy CUCV 1-1/4 Ton Military truck 14,586 original miles With Boss plow.