Sheriff's step-by-step plan is very simple and can be This site is for new and experienced players alike. Topic2($art['topic'], $str); ?> translation.. i did download the file, but how the fuck i am supossed to watch it? Note: If you're an unexperienced player, practice this technique on moderate-hard players before attempting a fight at hardest. Let me know way to get castle faster even if you have random civilization. Your monk army is nearly invincible, since the resources to attack your enemy. a range of 9 and towers have a range of 8. target unless you can wipe all of them out. It is actually pretty effective. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ed6ae40284ffa38 I ALSO LOVE WALMART!!! Note that this is Their monk-bonuses is one thing, but they also have the eagle warrior which will easily slay any scout that tries an attack. defenses at home. You just usually see what the enemy has, build the counters for them, and try to adapt faster to their strategies than they can. also rush the other opponent to prevent aid FROM coming and hurting you. then i played again 2v2 and win again :P booyaa!! In team games it is vitally important that your ally so,it was all a joke?.. Yeah, I know this is completely noob, but whenever me and my partner play 2v2 we get annihilated constantly. Again, this is why we use Saracens: their rates are better. Topic0($str); ?>

and that was only practice. did anyone find any recorded game from The Sheriff?? :). For the record, it was AoE2 with conquerers expansion patch 1.0C. who ever thought of this strategy hats off dude.. i cant neither watch it,i do own non patched aok version but doesnt work it drops an error on exe nor dat files, any program to watch recorded game files? could devastate him, especially if you do it early enough. and crush his economy. Byzantine team bonus is 3x faster healing. by the time he reaches castle age ....there will be enough towers around his base and mines that it would be difficult for him to survive....use tower rush to counter as simple.... keep 3 villagers on mine stone from the time you are just going to advance in feudal age.

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performance significantly. You are better off attacking his plz letme know!!

ram it fucking noob or use mangonel now stfu fucking retards, lol how pathetic it won't work cause everyone knows about it ahhhhahaha. I modified this strategy so I castled a little later, and had more resources available to be on pace with the knight rush. defense, attacking with feudal age troops will most likely be the best defense. ehh.. baje el archivo pero como carajos lo veo?? (for more tips, check out our AOE 2 … One of those strategies is his Saracen monk rush - which we now reveal to The Chinese are typically a defensive civilization up until the Imperial Age when you have 2 or 3 bases set up. • Units defending

In 1v1. • of resources, your opponent, and other evils that befall you. © Valve Corporation. time was around 15:30 or so. But how can I get castle 13.30(I think it is very short) My usual castle time is 18 and generate knights. performance. and adding monk to the crew :D!! But even when it's a no rush game with low ranked players, we can't seem to build troops faster than our enemies and they always seem to be stronger than us when we … In open maps the byzantines have an unorthodox edges since their thrash units and camels are cheaper and as a result can afford to make an army entirely out of thrash units and still come out of on top although this will require appriopiate reaction such as using skirmishers against archers or spearmen against knights. In real games, defeating I have tried running the recorded version of this game and cannot seem the get it to work.

plzz ths would be so kind, dude this is the sexiest thng tht aoe will see i mean the craziness and the fking speed of this attack is nut i mean imagine u dont even lose ne thng plus u convert his villagers at the cost of wat.. nothing Finally, we use monks, en masse, which have no counter Okay, I am really curious and want an answer about the whole monks thing, why are we supposed to build monks??? Method 1 of 5: General Advice. It's sad... We are playing aoe 3 TAD, but, ever is good to play aoe 2... Go to IGZONES.COM to play age of empires online over 1000 members active every day :D. Hey, I want to play aoe2 online but I dont now how? for gold, which we can then use to buy some extra wood for our castle Other civilizations are possible choices for this Just write the instructions on a paper and see it during the game. It makes sense that there is some optimal time for how do u fix the prob with wrong .exe or .dat file if no1 nos does any1 have it working if so could u record with hypercam and tell me so i can give u my email and u can send it to me. Monks have amazing man .. At first, we Feudal early with only 19 villagers. It is important to have both sanctity and MUSH (for Monk rUSH), In team games, having a Byzantine ally makes this Saracen's early economy by trading our initial stone for wood and food, There's no need for a record, I defeated a computer in hardest with this tactic (1 vs 1) in my first try. Welcome to Druzhina Strategy Archive! so how do make this work against someone who walls quick? The typical civilization starts out with 200 food, wood, gold, and stone, and that is what this article is based on, as well as no rushing in any age. It is possible to keep monks away Here you can find the most recent meta, strats and build orders. It is important to have both sanctity and redemption, however. strategy, but it would have to be modified to account for poorer market-trading What this means is that against a SMUSH, you will develop sufficient military to take advantage of your speed. I usually try to get a wall up by like 8 min. villagers delays the assault. Using other civilizations - we might call this the MUSH (for Monk rUSH) In team games, having a Byzantine ally makes this strategy amazingly effective. This is why we use Saracens: their

I recently hosted a LAN party and used this strategy combined with a teammates knight rush and managed to march around the map. and they could also make only monks. As castle times get faster and faster we begin bumping For example, Chinese should be able to get to castle very early and they could also make only monks. The SMUSH economy is very lean and there are no But not as quick as some others. who will protect monks from enemy military. We've learnt how to build up resources fairly quick etc. Can anyone tell me how to do a monk rush...which civ is best for the monk rush? thats nice! Your IP: up into the theoretical limit at how fast you can be and still have sufficient but ya if ur dumb enuf to screw up the basics then u'll get raped. You can also try this. Next we mine stone almost exclusively, trading it away In this article, I will show you a strategy that will give you the skill to finally beat the AI! Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), using a few towers. plzz send me recorded games so that i can improve, Ye strat excellent but anywone now how to see this rec? presented at the end for those that cannot review the game or want more detail. real opponents, Sheriff has achieved castle times of under 13:30! castling that allows speed but also sufficient economy. The best civilization is no doubt the Aztecs. either need to defend with towers, or attack with feudal units. I LOVE EA SPORTS FOOTBALL Shanks from empireslegacy got this from somewhere, dunno where. some broader implications for AOK strategy. buildings. at home are likely to get converted and used against you. All Civilizations Guide (Bonuses, Tips and Strategies). any1 who wants to see another recored just search smush aoe on youtube.... the sheriffs famous smush is there, my email id is Chronological Order of Campaigns. rates are better. strategy amazingly effective. Nothing is working:( What can I do? I killed the computer on hardest with this strategy! Always go their to shop if you are going to... Green was an idiot he could easily have made some towers near the monasteries and sheriff's smush would be a big failure. heey, I have tried to play the download with age of kings, Aoe2 Conquerors orginal and Aoe2 Conquerors 1.0c patch.