The fraudulence behind the Fyre Festival is featured.

A look at disgraced financier Bernie Madoff's life in prison, the lives of his victims, and the search for his stolen billions. Enter a world where crime pays until you get caught.

Scams, sex, and even murder all in the name of a perverted American dream.

A hedge fund manager desperate to succeed...and his $300 million scam!. Remember: Abuse of the image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! Rick Singer rakes in $25 million from rich parents who rig their kids admission into elite colleges. When a judge in Texas is shot, a tip leads investigators to an aspiring Houston rap artist facing prison after his crooked card skimming plots are exposed. runs out, he becomes an informant in the biggest case of corruption and greed in New Jersey history. Stream American Greed live online.

But when he’s disbarred for fleecing desperate clients, he. Reviewed in the United States on October 24, 2019, I was so stoked to see this as a prime video, only to be let down because apparently it's unavailable. Great episodes. Miami Burn - Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing. It’s billed as your chance to own a Rembrandt, Chagall or Dali. Then...civilization is on the verge of collapse, Ronnie Gene Wilson tells his followers, and the only path to a secure future is investing in precious metals.

When the fraudsters fail to pay returns and keep the money for themselves, it all comes crashing down, leaving investors' finances in critical condition.

take investor money for himself and his crew. The investors think their money is going into securities, but they'll be shocked to see how Trevor and his boys blow their hard-earned savings...turning a historic mansion into a den of debauchery. Reviewed in the United States on March 17, 2011. Seasons and episodes availability varies between streaming services. Financial advisor Dawn Bennett orchestrates a $20 million scheme and conjures spells to silence investigators. Solomon Dwek was a real estate mogul, philanthropist...and an expert flimflammer. CNBC's unprecedented original primetime series, American Greed takes you inside the scams, schemes and broken dreams…revealing the amazing real-life stories of how some people will do anything for money.

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Then, see how a serial bank robber, armed and dangerous, terrorizes the town of Wheaton, a quiet, affluent Chicago suburb. Don't miss any episodes, set your DVR to record American Greed Stacy Keach narrates this dissection of the dark side of the American Dream, a survey of how far some people go to become rich, no matter the cost to themselves and those around them. Once considered a church prodigy.

His company, The Stanford Financial Group, flourished selling certificate of. A Con Man's Deadly Revenge. An outlandish con artist poses as a Saudi royal to cheat investors out of millions by promising them access to Arabian oil stock. finds another way to make money...and proves how greed really is a deadly sin. The schemes continue with behind-the-scenes footage of a West Hollywood art theft that is still on the FBI's top 10 list of art crimes. She makes millions in casinos using one of. First, in a mountain retreat, Norman Schmidt stole millions until a trusted employee brought him down. An artsy German heiress Anna Delvey makes a splash in Downtown New York's social scene, but she's really a Russian-born con artist who's trying to swindle $23 million from banks while dodging unpaid bills. Season 9. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links on this page.

the dark as Farkas made his fortune by peddling fake mortgages and looting his own company. watch now. Leaders of a polygamous religious sect demand "Perfect Obedience" from followers, luring them into welfare fraud stealing more than $11 million from American tax payers. He promises babies…for a hefty. Martin shamelessly flaunts his wealth on the streets of Winnetka, cruising by in a Ferrari, a Bentley, or an Escalade. So it's GTL: Gym-Tan-Lock-up. This time, his victims are fellow prisoners and their families. Your new favorite show is right here. Is big money and privilege blocking your kid from getting into an elite college? {Season: Season4}. video 01:42. They claim policy. He was the mastermind behind a multimillion-dollar scam. But she uses investor money to bankroll her lifestyle. Disney + Pixar + Marvel + Star Wars + Nat Geo, Get unlimited access to the largest streaming library with limited ads, Stream on up to 4 devices at the same time. Trevor Cook appears to be a local boy made good in Minneapolis, where he runs an investment fund called the Oxford Group. Did she want to help him or help herself to Abraham Shakespeare's millions? But when he steers investors into his predatory scheme, he speeds head-on into trouble. In the city of brotherly love, car wrecks piled up and auto insurance policies were treated like ATM machines.

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But their business plan falls apart when authorities learn the gold has connections to drug cartels and organized crime. Who is this man who jeopardized the future. was big money to be made fixing bad credit scores, but what did he really do with investors' millions?

Financial advisor Peggy Ann Fulford builds a cache of all-star clients and a personal fortune by convincing A-list players like Dennis Rodman and Ricky Williams that she's in their corner, while draining their bank accounts in a game of winner takes all. Is big money and privilege blocking your kid from getting into an elite college? Documentary 5 Seasons. About American Greed. |, A Florida man wins a $13 million Lottery payout and gives away much of it to strangers in need. Milwaukee crime boss Michael Lock, often described as a "mortgage pimp," is not your typical white-collar criminal. I love watching real documentary, so this was just what I wanted and enjoyed watching. San Francisco entrepreneur Samuel "Mouli" Cohen starts a fake Internet music company and takes in $31 million from celebrities, investors, and even. See how the FBI steps in with a hidden camera investigation to hear all of Treadwell's lies and bring him to justice. But when clients can't withdraw their money, complaints to law enforcement pile up.

When his luck.

In this episode of American Greed, see the detailed profile of a successful con artist and the investors he left with empty bank accounts.

In suburban Chicago, Kevin Carney says he invents a stock trading computer program which delivers an incredible 20% return per month and investors line up to give him their money. But is the money really coming from savvy trades? you inside a Philadelphia car insurance fraud ring where everybody got a piece of the action.

Here is how: To play our content, your browser needs to be the latest version. This unprecedented original primetime series begins with the story of a skilled fisherman and expert Ponzi scam artist - taking approximately $2 million from over 50 local investors. He ran a one-man CPA firm, working from a tiny one-story office in a gritty Miami neighborhood.

CNBC’s unprecedented original true-crime series, “American Greed”, takes you inside the amazing real-life stories of how some people will do anything for money.